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Legal and Business Advice

The professional team of Ana Fernández & Geval is highly specialized in counselling and management of SMEs. We handle, effectively and professionally, of completing all the formal company obligations: labour, tax, accounting and legal. Our main objective, is to support the company in making decisions on the direction of the company. Our experience during fifteen years has been rewarded with the loyalty of our clients. We provided customized solutions based on comprehensive and personalized advice. To achieve our goal, we have a highly qualified and specialized team in constant training, conducting a multidisciplinary study to find the best solutions for their business. Our competitive advantage is to be, a multidisciplinary team that analyzes, labor relations in the enterprise in consultancy services. We provide global, customized and effective solutions. Ana Fernández and Geval offers its Labor relations department, and it also offers other services such as: 

- labor and management consulting firms 

- wage cost reports 

- dismissals and file regulation of use 

- claims for payment 

- conciliation meetings in the SMAC and other agencies

- social court 

- administrative and jurisdictional appeal 

- advice and attendance in work inspections 

- contracts, payslips and social insurance 

- business and professional accounting 

- company constitutions, modification, and dissolution 

- repayment system 

- year end 

- statutory books 

- financial analysis, feasibility study and planning 

- information, counselling and processing of all types of tax obligations 

- declaration of capital gains 

- care inspections 

- company declarations 

- inspection resources 

- fiscal planning 

- steps of creating, opening and development of enterprises 

Ana Fernández & Geval offers its tax and fiscal department. It offers, among others, the following services: 

- advice and fiscal management companies 

- inspections and fiscal representation 

- appeals and complaints 

- request for return of improper revenue 

- taxation of reconstruction and real estate companies 

- subdivisions and deferment 

- “Intrastat” declarations 

- Taxation of foundations and other non lucrative organizations 

- Compulsory process for tax and national security 

- Litigation

- Fiscal planning 

Through s representative office, branches and subsidiaries, as the most common forms of establishment. Although there are others, such as the signing of distribution agreements and cooperation with Spanish companies (joint ventures, economic interest groups), operations through agents or brokers, franchises, etc. Each requires a degree of autonomy and different capacity for legalization and implementation. There also different business requirements for their constitution, their tax treatment, financial obligations and technical aspects of each legal figure. To be assured that the implementation in Spain is conformed to all requirements and precise parameters for the correction of the activities before and after the establishment. We work and advice you throughout the process, with experts in each of the technical areas, which are developed since the decision of introducing your company in Spain, until it is fully operational. We are experts in subsidiaries, as well as helping to constitute their management. We have extensive experience in the matter and we will advise in each of the phases.