2011-10-22 02:42:59 Fonte

A.F.&G the perfect Company Advisor

Nowadays, every company, independently of the dimension and from the sector in which operate, needs an office that, from the first moment, orientates and legally advise it in the different areas related to the obligations that the Public Administration imposes for the financial exercise (fiscal year) of its activity. This duty it is traditionally called "advising company".

From the moment itself of the birth of a company, there arise a series of obligations related to accounting, taxation and contractual relations which must be managed and analyzed in conformity with a criterion previously established. The Advisor must have the aptitude to help and sustain the Direction of the company in to take the decisions. Even before that the business starts, the advisor is vital in order to constitute the company under the best juridical form that better will adapts to partners, investment, sector of activity, risks, etc. It is also fundamental the realization of a Plan of Business that analyze the viability of the Project and find the best possible financing option to obtain the Licenses and/or the necessary permissions. In addition to that, our advising activity has been implementing other services (i.e. our Market researches) for better serve our clients needs. ANA FERNANDEZ and GEVAL will help and manage all these assignments in a professional and effective way. Our Law Firm is built on 15 years experience where we have furnished custom solutions to our clients needs, behaviour this that has been compensated with a high-level of loyalty of our clients. To achieve our goals we count on highly qualified and specialized team, in constant formation, realizing a multidisciplinary work to look for the best solutions for the companies that we advise. Hereby in the Consulting Service, our organized structure turns into a key of the success of any managerial project, ANA FERNANDEZ and GEVAL is specialized in the implantation in Spain of foreign companies (i.e. with an Office of Representation, Branches and Subsidiaries, or more habitual forms like temporary unions of companies, groups of economic interest, operations across agents or franchises, etc.)

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