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2011-10-06 12:18:59 Fonte Consulente Fabio Chinellato

Real Estate Investment into the Canary Islands.

From the 1970 the Canary Islands, Autonomous Region of Spain, did get the attention of small and great investors of the real estate sector. The principal factors that have produced the interest are the enviable climate (dry and moderate) very pleasurable during whole year because the islands have a strategic position in the subtropical band, the good connections, infrastructures and services; a proper scenery to satisfy the expectations and needs of tourists and people of all age.

From about 25 years, the opportunity of real estate investment in the Canary Islands results desirable, not only for the factors just quoted, also because the Iberian Nation in this period of time gave at the invertors some indications very stimulating like the huge economic growth, the increase of demand and supply has brought a progressive and dizzy construction activity.

Therefore, besides the rise of exclusive urbanizations near the coast and main beaches, Spain it had a consequent growth of services directed toward the nautical world and other sports of Elite, all this with the purpose to satisfy the demand of investors with potentiality redoubts and so to valorize at the most their investments.

This explains why the market of the Canary Islands it is in fact "so varied" and can allow the cataloguing of the various housing solutions like: Prestige, Tourist, Tourist / residential, residential and rural / housing.


The participation of Spain in the European Union, gave the perfect scenario in which to make some real estate investments and the Canary Islands resulted an advantageous territory that had a series of guarantees and safeties that only an investment in a Country of the EU could give.


The advent of the globalization and the following economic world crisis, that we are living today, has changed the sceneries of the real estate market as also that of the Canaries.

In the specific in this market, that we must not confuse with the continental Iberian market where many investors are in deep economic difficulty and often suffer the impossibility to sustain one or more mortgages in the segment of the residential houses, the crisis is impacting in a lighter way to those types of houses with a tourist / residential purpose.


The crisis has provoked not only a generalized decrease of the prices of the houses with a residential use but also a collapse that impact the hotel market.


Beyond that, today is still very interesting to invest, obviously with prudence, in the real estate market in the Canaries for a lot of reasons: speculation / resale, to purchase the second house or to perceive an income of his investment.


We have to keep in mind that who want to invest usually does it to diversify or to acquire his own holiday house or the house in which, once retired, will go to relax en enjoy life. Right now the various categories of apartments like Bungalow or small villas are very good solutions to make out, from a real estate investment in the Canaries, an interesting and desirable achievement.


These opportunities are growing also in the context of holidays residence, also known as "mini village", usually built with different kind of services like swimming pool and Reception 24/7, currently available in the south of Tenerife and Gran Canaria.


To give some references regarding this specific segment of the market, letĺs quotes some examples:


  • Studio Apartment with: doorway, living room, kitchen and american bar, one bathroom + sofa-bad for two persons, Sup. from 28 to the 33 m2s.  Price:  from 55.000 to 80.000 Euros.

  • Two roomer flat with: doorway, living room, kitchen and american bar, one bathroom + sofa-bad for two persons and another double room, Sup. from 35 to the 48 m2. Price :  between 75.000 and 110.000 Euros

  • Apartment with doorway, living room, kitchen and american bar, one bathroom + sofa-bad for two persons and two double room, Sup. from 48 to the 65 m2. Price :  between 115.000 and 145.0000 Euros.


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