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The Office

Credit recovery in Italy, Spain and the Canary Island. Property research. Continued Counselling to operating companies and exporters, in Spain. In our office Ana Fernández lawyers, we bet for the preventive legal advice, in order to avoid future lawsuits, as well as to assure the best options to our clients. In our interventions, we always choose a friendly solution of the controversy as an obligation, in case that this finally was verified; we assume the defence of our client in every jurisdiction. 


recovery of outstanding, credit recovery, contractual and extra contractual liability. 


private and business renting, sale of movable and immovable, residents’ associations, evictions, successions, inheritances. 


in Ana Fernández lawyers we work in every commercial, financial and business operations always in close coordination with lawyers in different areas : 

- recruitment and financial-tax advice. 

- Creation, amendment, merger, liquidation and closure of businesses.

- Opening of permanent establishments of foreign companies in Spain. 

- Representation and defence of the company and its managers in the different administrations and courts. 

- Legal assistance. 

- Recovery of national and international credits.

- Corporate restructuring process.

- Development, acquisition, protection and use of tangible property rights (trademarks, patents, domain names, industrial designs, Know-how , unfair competition…) and enforcement of these rights in case of disputes.

- Competition law.

- Bankruptcy law. 

Our law provides advice and assistance as may be in crisis situations in the company. We offer assistance to our clients in the individualization of the appropriate legal instrument which manages a possible renegotiation of the debt. In case the reorganisation is not possible through pre bankruptcy proceedings, loan assistance to creditors and potential acquirers of goods and companies in bankruptcy proceedings .Contributing is a synonym of growth.